Saturday, October 21, 2017

24 people ACTUALLY worth following on Twitter. The definitive list.

Two lists of 25 people you should follow on Twitter caught my eye. Of course, there's Salon's 25 conservatives actually worth following, many of whom aren't conservative or worth following (Jennifer Rubin and, not one, but two Federalist-obsessed millennials). Then there's a list of 25 Not Salon-Approved Conservatives Worth Following on Twitter from Mike LaChance at Legal Insurrection. Trump syncophancy is the sole qualification of many of these, so the list includes a lot of dross (I mean, come on. Jim Hoft and John Nolte?)

Combined, the two lists provide 24 people worth following (13 from the former and 11 from the latter). I admit to not knowing much about some of them, which I take as evidence that you're not missing much.

Anyway, here's the list of 24 you should follow:
Kilgore Trout @kt_so_it_goes
Ben Howe @benhowe
Ken White @popehat
Haley Byrd @byrdinator
Josh Jordan @numbersmuncher
Tom Nichols @radiofreetom
Allahpundit @allahpundit
Kat Timpf @kattimpf
Noah Rothman @noahrothman
Jay Caruso @jaycaruso
Rick Wilson @therickwilson
John Podheretz @jpodhoretz
Stephen Hayes @stephenfhayes
Katie Pavlich @katiepavlich
Stephen Miller @redsteeze
Ben Shapiro @benshapiro
William Jacobsen @leginsurrection
Greg Gutfield @greggutfield
Christina Sommers @chsommers
Rob Province @robprovince
IowaHawk @iowahawkblog
Sean Davis @seanmdav
Asche Schow @ascheschow
Mollie Hemingway @mzhemingway