Thursday, August 25, 2016

Building a Successful Center on a Shoestring Budget

Back in April I gave a presentation at the annual APEE conference in Las Vegas. The session was one of several on the program which had directors of centers like mine (The Hammond Institute at Lindenwood University) exchanging best practices. I had found these sessions at previous APEE conferences to be very useful, so I was very happy to be a presenter this time around. 

The Hammond Institute happens to be one of many academic centers that receives support from the Charles Koch Foundation. Anti-Koch paranoia is the chemtrails of the loopy left, so a group called UnKoch My Campus decided to use hidden microphones to record the proceedings of my session, and of two other sessions. You can find the recordings and transcripts here. Despite the fevered rambling of UnKoch guys, the actual sessions were pretty innocuous, just what you would expect from academics discussing administrative practices in a forum open to the public. 

For my part, I thanked the UnKoch people for providing the recordings. There were some people who couldn't make my session to receive my sage advice. I also sent them a better photo to include on their web page, which is called KochiLeaks, of course:

I also made sure that they had a copy of the last slide of my presentation. There was a lot of laughing at that stage of my talk, so I didn't want them to be left out of the joke:

I'd like to thank the UnKoch people once more for providing the recordings, which I have synced up with my PowerPoint slides and made into a movie. I thought I gave some great advice, so now Koch-funded centers around the world can operate at least a bit better now because they can watch my presentation. Enjoy: