Friday, September 7, 2012

The broken record of Obamanomics

For those of you who are too young to know what a broken record is, let me explain. Before there were mp3 files, and even before there were compact discs, cassette tapes, and 8-track tapes, there were vinyl records.  These plastic discs had grooves cut into them that served as memory.  Actually, a record had one long spiral groove running from its outer edge to its center.  By rotating a record under a diamond needle, this memory would be transmitted through the record player and out of speakers.  Sometimes, the grooves in the record would become damaged so that the needle would stop following the groove in toward the center of the record and, instead, simply go around and around over the same part of the groove, repeating the same snippet of music until you gave the record player a light smack.

With that in mind, Byron York has a collection of the Obama administrations responses to the dismal job numbers (96,000 net jobs and 368,000 more discouraged workers), each of which reminds us that we should not "read too much into any one monthly report."  The administration is silent, however, on whether it is okay to read something into years of these alarmingly similar reports.