Saturday, August 11, 2012

Remember, it's all about the children

Teachers' Unions in Action

In Louisiana, where 44 percent of public schools are given D or F grades by the public schools themselves, the main teacher's union is threatening to use "Any means necessary" to prevent private schools from using the state's new voucher system:
Its lawyers faxed threatening notices to 100 of the 119 schools in the voucher program, warning them that their clients (the union thugs) intend to use "whatever means necessary" to make the schools bar voucher students.
"By any means necessary" -- BAMN, as it is known to devotees of radical causes -- is code language for confrontational action, including violence if necessary.
The LEA will start by suing all 100 schools, many of them small private schools catering to poor children. The LEA, flush with fat union dues, is well-positioned to legally harass these schools, whose resources are limited.
You can see why the LEA is panicked: its members support failure in school so long as it lines their pockets, and they know that the public is beginning to realize that school choice is a necessary precondition to K-12 school reform.
Meanwhile, in New York City schools, sexual predators are aided and abetted by their union:
Specifically, nearly a hundred tenured teachers or other public school employees have been charged by the Department of Education with various sex crimes, including one teacher who had sex with a 13-year-old girl and an assistant principal who asked a young girl if she would give him oral sex.
But while in private industry, perps would be summarily fired and face the justice system (or else the business would be on the firing line), in New York they just appear before a school investigation panel, an independent law firm, or a local school superintendent. After that, the perp goes before an arbitrator selected -- get this! -- by the teachers' union and the school district jointly. The arbitrators, by the way, get paid $1,400 a day. You don't have to be a public choice economist to realize that, to please the unions, these arbitrators will likely be inclined to fine or suspend the teachers rather than fire them.
For example, one perp who repeatedly hugged girls, including fondling one poor girl's breasts, was suspended for six months. Another fine fellow was only reprimanded for "inappropriate touching" of a number of young boys. A third randy shaper of young minds, who repeatedly texted sex messages to girls -- including asking one to perform a striptease for him -- was merely suspended.