Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The French are so much more sophisticated

After banning the burqa, French lawmakers target floral dresses:
An embarassing spectacle took hold of the French parliament on Tuesday when a Socialist minister turned up to work in a floral dress. Rightwing lawmakers raised their eyebrows and hooted as minister of territories and housing, C├ęcile Duflot, took to the podium to speak about an architecture project.

Not surprisingly, the “sexist imbeciles” in question denied any wrongdoing. “We were just admiring her,” conservative MP Patrick Balkany told French daily Le Figaro. “If she didn’t want us to take an interest in her, then she shouldn’t have changed her look.” Adding insult to injury, he suggested that she had only worn the dress “to get us to listen to what she had to say.” MP Jaqcues Myard went one sorry step further, telling Le Point magazine that the catcalls were a way of “paying homage to the beauty of this woman”.