Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Good enough for gummint work

Jobs Program Spent $76,000 Per Person To Help Youth Find Minimum Wage Jobs: 
  • Wasteful administrative costs are eating up job training dollars.  In one program, just 14 cents of every dollar went to actual job training.
  • Questionable spending abounds.  For example, the Job Corps program spent $36,000 on flowers and billboards.  Other expenditures included bowling trips and recreational activities that had little to do with job training.
  • Some job training programs appear to segregate participants by race, gender, and background.  For example, Oklahoma's 40 job training programs have eight that target Native Americans and seven for veterans--"some of which require veterans to pursue training for 'green skills,' not because of labor market analysis but because politicians in Washington are imposing ideological agendas on states."