Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rex Sinquefield at ISEE, Lindenwood University

This past Thursday, my institute at Lindenwood University hosted Rex Sinquefield, who talked about his push to replace Missouri's income tax with a sales tax. The St. Louis Beacon has a fairly good summary of the proposal, the politics of it, and the event. Here's the proposal in a nutshell:
Although some details vary, all of the proposals call for eliminating or phasing out the state's 6 percent income tax. The state's current sales tax of 4 or 4.225 percent would be increased to no more than 7 percent. Several petition proposals would cap the combined state and local sales taxes at 10 percent.
There was a lively and fruitful discussion about the proposal, as well as other initiatives that Sinquefield supports. I'd like to thank Rex Sinquefield and all who attended the event (including the protesters!) for making it a success. Here's a video of the event: