Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pujols leaving the Cardinals

It looks like Albert Pujols will sign with the Angels for $250 million over ten years, with a full no-trade clause.  You can't blame him for taking the money and running because that's just too much coin to pass up.  The Cardinals were offering roughly $220 million for ten years, although the tenth year wasn't guaranteed.

I'm sad to see Pujols leave, but this is a solid move by the Cardinals.  They can do a lot more with the money than sink it into one 32 year old player for ten years.  I thought that their offer was about the max of Pujols's worth to the team, so I'm glad they stuck to it.  Pujols is still great, but he's going to decline every year.  It's only a question of the rate of decline.  I suspect that the Angels will not be happy with this deal in a few years.