Thursday, November 10, 2011

Robert Bryce to the rescue

I had the misfortune to read Paul Krugman's recent column about solar energy and hydraulic fracturing.  I had been hoping that this would be one of those times that Krugman the sane economist would reappear, but my hopes were dashed.  Yes, this is two posts in a row about my naive and stupid hopes being dashed.  At any rate, as I was reading Krugman's column, I thought of Robert Bryce, who visited my institute last month and gave a great talk about the future of energy.  I was hoping that he would give Krugman a well-deserved intellectual thrashing.  This time, my hopes were realized:  Bryce wrote yesterday that Krugman "displays an astounding disinterest in numbers and woeful ignorance of the facts."  Needless to say, Bryce, who spends a lot of time thinking deeply about these things, can actually speak intelligently about solar energy and hydraulic fracturing. Read the whole thing.