Sunday, November 27, 2011

Debunking the Supercommittee spin

Charles Krauthammer debunks the nutty claim that the not-so-Supercommittee failed because of GOP intransigence over taxes.  The claim is just factually incorrect in that Sen. Toomey proposed a large tax increase that would have fallen on those with high incomes.

Krauthammer thinks that Democrats are just thick: "Let me offer a more benign explanation: thickheadedness. Democrats simply can't tell the difference between tax revenues and tax rates."

I'm sure that this explains some of the post-failure spinning, but I think there is a lot of willfull ignorance.  Many on the left just don't care about the difference between marginal and average rates because their objective is punishment, not revenue.  Quite frankly, they are happy to crush economic growth because they want the rich to have less even if it means that the rest of us have less also.