Monday, November 21, 2011

Alternative energy vs. Keystone XL

The President has chosen wind and solar power to fuel the U.S. economy, and has worked hard to rid us of fossil fuels.  He has used uneconomic cronyism (Solyndra, etc.), regulatory subterfuge (Gulf moratorium, etc.), and cowardly electioneering (Keystone XL).

Robert Bryce has a thorough smackdown of the President's energy choices.
One pipeline — one pipeline! — would have delivered 46 percent more energy than all the solar panels and wind turbines did last year.
"But what about the future?" you might ask. "The future is wind and solar and we're about to turn the corner and become a green-energy utopia."  Not by a long shot. 
Whenever you hear that claim, recall the numbers above: In 2009, production from all geothermal, wind, and solar sources amounted to 1.25 percent of American energy while oil provided 37 percent — the exact same percentage as it did way back in 1949.