Monday, October 3, 2011

Occupy St. Louis

St. Louis now has its own version of the Occupy Wall Street protests, which are focused on the Federal reserve of St. Louis.  OccupySTL has pledged "to keep some demonstrators there around the clock for as long as it takes to make the point."  According to the Post-Dispatch
Their point, as they see it, is that it's time for 99 percent of the population to speak out and act against the greed and corruption of the richest 1 percent.
I'm still not sure that "the point" is, especially after reading their statement of purpose, which defines the 1 percent as "the bankers, politicians, and corporate persons that govern our nation."  Really, that's the top 1 percent?  One percent of what? 

I'm guessing that the 1 percent/99 percent dichotomy is based on the notion that 1 percent of the people control most of the wealth.  So, let's look at the wealthiest in America. Are they necessarily greedy and corrupt?  Are Bill Gates and Warren Buffett corrupt?  Who on the Forbes 400 list is corrupt, and what specifically have they done?  I'm pretty sure that I'm giving the group too much credit by looking for coherent ideas.  I'd really be happy with even vaguely coherent ones, but the group seems to rail against the government stooges of the wealthy while also asking for more government.