Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eleanor Clift has figured it out

I can't imagine what took her so long, but Eleanor Clift has had an epiphany: The President's green jobs initiatives appear to have been driven by politics and money, not the greater good of the big blue marble we call Earth.
Some of the biggest immediate beneficiaries of the green revolution, ironically, may have been politicians themselves. Executives of the top 50 recipients of the government’s green-energy aid have donated more than $2 million to federal campaigns since Obama took office. Some of the biggest recipients of green stimulus money—including NRG Energy and Consolidated Edison—made six-figure donations to candidates and interest groups. The industry as a whole has ponied up more than $5 million from its executives and political action committees, a notable increase from a formerly quiet sector. Democrats have been the main beneficiaries of clean-energy money.
She says it is ironic that the biggest beneficiaries of the green economy scam have been politicians themselves, so maybe it's not quite an epiphany.  Still, it's progress.