Monday, July 25, 2011

Hurray for Lindenwood!

The Chronicle of Higher Education just released its yearly list of Great Colleges to Work For, and my own Lindenwood University makes the list again, ranking among the nation's top 10 large universities. It should be noted that two other institutions in the St. Louis area, Webster University and McKendree University, were also recognized. To get an idea of how impressive this is, the St. Louis metro area had as many colleges recognized as great places to work as did the entire state of California, which has roughly 13 times the population.

Lindenwood University is one of the great success stories in higher education. In 1989, the university was nearly bankrupt, was selling its campus from under its own feet, and had an enrollment that had fallen below 1,000.  By 2010, it was debt-free, had a 500+ acre campus, and an enrollment of over 17,000 students. This remarkable story deserves its own book, which it got in 2007 when my colleague, Ed Morris, published The Lindenwood Model: An Antidote for What Ails Undergraduate Education. The current state of the University can be found here